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Our Differentiation

Most pre-schools function as providing care-givers for toddlers and pre-schoolers to keep them occupied during the day. Most of these rely upon toys, play and some craft activities to keep the children busy. Learning Tracks seeks to differentiate from the masses in two ways.

Emphasis on Learning:These are extremely formative years for young children where children should be allowed to learn at their own pace. It requires a non-regimented model to introduce them to learn the basics of language, science and numbers, while making it playful for the children. Challenging the children to perform to their abilities, without overstretching them makes them easier to control and behave. It also takes the pressure off the school system when these children join. Programs such as Phonics help the children read before they are ready for kindergarten.

Discipline: A fair number of pre-schools suffer from being disorganized and that reflects on the attitude of the children. The children are often boisterous and noisy.

Learning Tracks aims to provide the right curriculum to make the environment well-organized.